Lake Nipissing Charters

Lake Nipissing Charters (LNC) is a premier fishing charter and guiding service located on beautiful Lake Nipissing one hour Southeast of Sudbury Ontario.  Your guides, Regan Thompson and Danny Colomby offer decades of experience as anglers and guides, with a wealth of knowledge and experience fishing for Musky, Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike. 

We cater to all experience and skill levels, approaching each charter with three goals:  Catch as many fish (and big fish!) as possible, provide our clients with an educational experience, giving you the knowledge and skills necessary for you to become a more successful angler, and lastly and most important, have as much fun as possible!  

Whether your vacationing in the area with family, planning your next serious fishing trip or just passing through the area, we hope you'll book us for a fun filled day of fishing on beautiful Lake Nipissing!


Pat Coyne - Oakville Ontario

"Would have never believed that we would catch 41 Walleye on a Friday afternoon/evening in August. Regan had us on the fish within 5 minutes of leaving the Lodge and his technique had even us infrequent fishing dads landing some keepers. Caught three 24" plus, two 18" plus and at least another six 17"(next year's keepers).  Kept four beauties for dinner Friday and Saturday... very tasty.  Finished off a great father/son weekend with a day of bass fishing out at Regan's favorite spot that he shared with us last year. Lots of fun frogging and caught several good size ones.  Looking forward to our next visit with Regan.

Danielle Bedard - Southern Ontario

“First time musky fishing and it was a success, thanks to Danny. We caught 3, biggest one at 43″. What a blast! Couldn’t have asked for a better first time experience. What a difference having a knowledgeable guide to take you to all the hidden spots to make it a memorable experience. We absolutely loved our tour and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Thanks again, Danny.”

Bob Izumi - Host of The Real Fishing  Show

"This part of the lake is well sheltered allowing us to fish on even windy days. We focused on smallmouth bass when we taped the show there with Regan and they didn’t disappoint us. During our short stay we caught and released several trophy smallies over five pounds. This is one Ontario’s premier smallmouth bass fisheries with very little pressure.  Regan knew 'the spots' and had us on fish right away.  We all had an awesome time and can’t wait to go back!..."

The Ride...

Our charter boat is Prostaff sponsored  2018 Triton 216 Fishunter powered by a 350 HP Mercury Verado outboard.  This vessel is absolute state of the art and all part of the amazing experience we aim to provide!  It's fully loaded with today's most advanced electronics and technology including:  Lowrance Carbon Fish Finders /GPS, 3D Structure/Side Scan, Minn Kota Ulterra Bow Mount Trolling Motor, Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchors, etc.  All of this is aimed at increasing our probably of success on the water while providing you with the most comfortable, fun filled day on the water possible. 




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The Gear...

All of our fishing gear, tackle, etc at LNC is is top end.  Our rods are primarily St. Croix and Shimano in a variety of lengths, stiffnesses, actions, etc. depending on the type of fishing and species we target.  Our reels Shimano and Okuma in spinning, casting and trolling depending on target species, application and user experience.  Part of our goal is to match you up with the gear best suited for your skill level, while also teaching you how to use more advanced gear (i.e. baitcasters, etc) for a variety of different applications and techniques.  Our lures/baits vary from traditional to modern techniques depending on the application.



The Targert!

Lake Nipissing is a well known trophy fishery and is one of Canada's premier fishing destinations for good reason. Each year this massive body of water continues to produce good numbers of Walleye, Musky, Northern Pike and Bass.  Big water equals big fish, allowing these specimens to reach truly impressive sizes compared to other lakes.  During your day on the water we can choose target a specific species of your preference or a combination depending on what "the hot bite" is at the time of the season your booking takes place.  






Your Guides

Regan Thompson and Danny Colomby are life long anglers and guides on Lake Nipissing.  They have been guiding together for Mashkinonje Lodge since 2014, as well as surrounding Lake Nipissing lodges and resorts (Danny since 2004).

Regan and Danny guide for all species (Walleye, Musky, Pike, Bass, etc.) or any combination of species depending on what's in season and your interests.


During their time guiding on Lake Nipissing, Regan and Danny have guided for customers ranging in experience and skill level from first time anglers, to experienced professionals including  Bob Izumi, Italo Labignan, Jim Saric, Pete Maina and more.  

Whatever your age, skill level and interests.  We tailor each day to our customers to ensure success and fun on the water!


Your 8 hour day typically runs from 9 AM to 5 PM.  Starting times are flexible based on customer preference, daily lunar cycles, 'hot bites' etc.  Your typical day includes...  

  • 8 hour day (9 AM to 5 PM starting time flexible)

  • Fishing from a state-of-the-art Triton 216 Fishunter - 350 Mercury Verado

  • Todays most advanced electronics, gear, etc.

  • All tackle (Rods, lures, bait, etc.) included

  • Packed lunch

  • And More


Musky Charters....................................................................................$595 CAD

Walleye, Bass, Pike Charters...............................................................$545 CAD


Our Location

Lake Nipissing Charters is located at Mashkinonje Lodge on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing.  This area is ideal because it's sheltered from high winds which often keep anglers off of the main lake for days at a time due to rough waters.  From this location we are able to fish every day regardless of weather conditions and on calmer days, depending on the target species, we may venture to 'the big water' of Lake Nipsising to take advantage of it's large forage basin.  Mashkinonje Lodge offers 12 housekeeping cottages, rental boats, docking and more.  For more information on accommodations please visit  If you are staying at a neighboring lodge on Lake Nipissing we can arrange to pick you up or arrange to meet at our main docks at Mashkinonje.

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