Customer Testimonials

Steen Phillips


"A 20 year Tradtion and a home away from home"


The Crew:

Steen Phillips

Cornelia Phillps 

Joey (dog)




Origin: St. Agatha ON


"It has been said that you have had a great vacation when you don’t want to leave. Such has always been the way over the last 20+ years of vacationing at Mashkinonje Lodge (formely Lucky Strike Camp). It was good to know that feeling didn’t change with new ownership and the new name of Maskinonge Lodge. The feeling of family and friendship continues.


We love the area of the West Arm for the beautiful scenery, amazing sunsets, bountiful wildlife, miles of boating and great fishing opportunities.


We are eagerly looking forward to our extended stay at the lodge in 2015 and seeing some of the changes you are planning. It is not only your hard work and vision that will make Maskinonge Lodge successful, but also how you have demonstrated caring and concern for the well being and enjoyment of your guests in the true spirit of Northern Hospitality.

We intend to make Maskinonge Lodge our vacation of choice for many more years to come.

Thanks again for a memorable vacation.


Our very best to you and to Russell (and of course Barney and the cat)

Cornelia and Steen Phillips (and of course Joey)"





"If you want a place to stay that's cozy, surrounded by beautiful wilderness, and away from the hectic city life, then Mashkinonje Lodge is a fisherman's dream come true. I have been coming here for over 7 years, and I usually book a week for each of the summer months all summer long. As such, I can say without a doubt you will not find a better place for your fishing trips and vacations.


The staff are warm and loving people, who are always there to provide the very best service. They are always understanding ready to assist with any issues that you may have, and it doesn’t hurt that they are great lover of pets as well.


With cabins surrounded by beautiful forest and water, anyone who enjoys amazing views and scenery will love staying here. Fish that live in the surrounding area are plentiful, and it is not uncommon to see people landing the trophy fish of their dreams.


Even if you’re not into fishing this is a beautiful place to simply relax, enjoy a great book, stargaze, or to take advantage of the various water activities nature has to offer. They have wonderful hiking trails and forest areas which are perfect for taking a stroll and enjoying the beauty of the lodge’s natural surroundings.


Mashkinonje Lodge is the perfect place to spend your week out fishing or camping, or just simply enjoying the beautiful of nature."


Domenic, Linda and Charlie


Domenic Bonavota

"Our Northern Escape"



The Crew:

Domenic Bonav0ta

Linda Bonavota

Charlie (dog)



Origin: Richmond Hill ON










Danny Colomby(

Lake Nipissing  Muskie Guide Service


"I highly recommend the strategically located Mashkinonje Lodge to anyone thinking of fishing and vacationing on the West end of Lake Nipissing."


The Crew:

Danny Colomby



Origin:  Calander ON

"As a guide on the entire expanse of Lake Nipissing, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interact with many lodge owners.  Most are congenial hosts but one particular lodge stands out as really doing it right! Regan and Goldie Thompson of West Arm’s Mashkinonje Lodge have not only supported my guide practise through consistent recommendations, they’ve gone the extra mile to build a partnership that has increased our collective effectiveness as service providers on the West Arm exponentially!  


Regan Thompson’s passion for fishing is eclipsed only by his tireless work ethic as a lodge owner.  Regan is entirely personable, not to mention an incurably inquisitive and optimistic personality. One can’t help but like this guy!   Regan has become a trusted friend and ally on the West side of Lake Nipissing. We work diligently together, not for selfish purposes, but with one goal in mind…to provide the best fishing experience for you, the guests. When you think about it, isn’t that what we’re here to do? Regan and Goldie Thompson are genuinely smart people with the right stuff!


I highly recommend their  strategically located Mashkinonje Lodge to anyone thinking of fishing and vacationing on the West end of Lake Nipissing.  Regan and Goldie are seriously committed to making your stay as successful and memorable as one could possibly ask for!




Jim Saric (Host of The Musky Hunter TV Show)


"Lake Nipissing is known for Trophy Muskie and the West Arm Offers Some of the Best on the Lake"


The Crew:

Jim Saric

Rik (camera)

Danny Colomby



Origin: Chicago IL


"Lake Nipissing is known for trophy muskies and the West Arm is home to some of the best musky fishing on the lake.  If you are fishing the western section of the lake Mashkinonge lodge is perfect location.   While filming The Musky Hunter television show we caught muskies within sight of the lodge and were able to easily find a place to fish no matter the weather conditions.  Plus it was really just a quick trip to the big water.


Mashkinonge lodge offers great accommodations, with nice cabins, an awesome lodge, premier docking facilities and they even have their own boat launch.  It has everything a musky hunter needs to relax and stay comfortable after a hard day chasing muskies."



The Perry Family

"First-Class Service, First-Place Walleye"


The Crew: 

Kenneth (Bunk) Perry

Richard Perry

Nick Murosky

Troy Perry

Drew Perry

Tyler Perry


Origin: Pennsylvania, United States

"Our family started fishing the West Arm of Lake Nipissing more than 25 years ago. We came for the walleye, and most years we returned with smiles on our faces and fish in the freezer. We know the West Arm’s bays, narrows, points, reefs, and glacial rock formations like we know our own roads back home. In fact, you could say that Nipissing is a second home for the Perry family – or more like a “home base.” Come the revolution, we might all end up there together, gravitating to its shores from many different points of origin.  But as years pass, getting everyone together is difficult. Children grow up and start their own lives. A simple, carefree week on the lake is harder to plan and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. 2014 marked 12 years since everyone joined the Nipissing adventure, and five years since anyone had been back at all.


Under the fearless leadership of Drew Perry, we re-grouped and decided that this was the year everyone would return to Nipissing…the family patriarch, the family pro fishermen, the family artists and career men and jokers and smokers. 


To be honest, there was a level of trepidation about our trip. Would Nipissing be the same? Would the fishing be up to par? (We like walleye, and we like big walleye.) Would our hunger for “pickerel” be satiated? 


The moment we arrived at Mashkinonje Lodge, greeted by Regan and Goldie, we felt at home again. They were friendly, courteous, accommodating hosts – and great people to talk to! This was a lodge and a piece of land around Nipissing that we’d never explored. But we instantly knew we belonged here. 


Once we were set up in our comfortable cabin, it was time to conquer the waters around our new home. With a little expert guidance from Regan, we hit the hot spots, along with our classic spots, and kicked off a week of catches in record numbers and big sizes. We caught more walleye this week than any other week we’ve fished Nipissing!


And then there was the lunker: Tyler Perry’s 27.5-inch, 7lb walleye. On Mashkinonje’s “Red Rocket” boat, Tyler patiently fought this trophy for a good 20 minutes on 4lb test, watching it surface at least three times and then dive back down into the darkness as walleye do. It eventually tired and succumbed to our net, wielded with a desperate arm fully submerged in the water. This was a moment of triumph for Tyler, and yet another moment of realization for all of us: The best fishing is walleye fishing – and the best place to do it is the West Arm of Lake Nipissing. 


After six days, 233 walleyes, and another classic Nipissing sunset, the trip to Mashkinonje ended with a campfire along the lake’s beautiful shoreline. We shared cold beers and great conversation with our host Regan– further evidence that this was the lodge for us. The next morning, more conversation and laughs with Regan and Goldie made it hard for us to leave. But knowing we’d be back at the same spot next year made it a little easier. 


The Perry family takes great pride in our traditions. We have many, and trips to Lake Nipissing will always be at the top of the list. But as with all traditions, the old pave the way for new iterations. And so the new Perry tradition is to visit our friends at Mashkinonje Lodge every summer.


Thank you, Regan and Goldie! Thank you, Mashkinonje Lodge! We’ll be seeing you again soon."





Italo Labignan((host of Canadian Sport Fishing)


"4 Days of Fishing and Filming at Mashkinonje Lodge"


The Crew:

Italo Labignan

Paul Lord

Mulligan (Italo's dog)

Camera and Sound crew


Origin:  Burlington ON

"I've been blessed to fish at so many fishing lodges in the last 29 yrs right across Canada and I was really impressed with my recent trip to Mashkinonge Lodge on Nippissing's West Arm. To begin with, the owners Regan & Goldie Thompson made me feel at home making sure our group had everything we needed to have a very pleasant and successful stay at one of their beautiful cottages.


Their location is very unique since it offers anglers endless possibilities of fishing protected waters for large & smallmouth bass, walleye, pike, musky & panfish.  Their cedar strip boat fleet, well maintained motors, docking, fuel pump and fish cleaning house really meets every anglers needs.


Besides having an excellent fishing experience and very comfortable stay, what impressed me the most was the Thompson's hospitality and going out of their way to make sure we had a 1st class trip.


If you are looking for a wilderness, drive-to fishing adventure with all the comforts of home, a beautiful setting, excellent fishing and service, Mashkinonje Lodge has it all!"





"I recently had the opportunity to fish Mashkinonje Lodge on the west arm of Lake Nipissing with owner and guide Regan Thompson. I’ve fishes Nipissing many times over the years and I’ve always been impressed by the lake’s productivity and diverse fishery. Numbers of trophy bass, pike, musky and walleye are available on this massive lake. The fact that it’s only a three and a half hour’s drive north of Toronto is a real bonus.


The West Arm offers plenty of undisturbed shoreline with lots of cover, vegetation and structure. This part of the lake is well sheltered allowing us to fish on even windy days. We focused on smallmouth bass when we taped a show there and they didn’t disappoint us. During our short stay we caught and released several trophy smallies over five pounds. This is one Ontario’s premier smallmouth bass fisheries with very little pressure.


The cottages, docks, facilities and location of Mashkinonje Lodge are clean and well maintained. Regan and Goldie were amazing hosts and made our entire crew feel right at home. We all had an awesome time and can’t wait to go back!"


Bob Izumi


Bob Izumi (Host of The Real Fishing Show)

"One of Ontario's Premiere Bass Destinations"


The Crew:

Bob Izumi

Darren Izumi

Sandy Izumi

Wayne Izumi

The Berkley Tackle Crew